Trump And Biden Just Got A Major Ruling From Federal Appeals Court

Democrats will not rest until they have something, anything to take down Trump. They failed (twice) to impeach him. So, they are pinning all their hopes on Pelosi’s commission to find dirt on the 45th president. But it doesn’t seem like things are going well.

The commission is trying to dig up what they kind find from documents from his administration. Trump and his staff have used executive privilege to block them. Democrats went to the courts to force the National Archives to hand them over. But they just got some bad news.

From The Washington Examiner:

A federal appeals court granted a hold sought by former President Donald Trump to block the National Archives from handing over documents to the Jan. 6 House committee.

The order is a victory for Trump, who sued the House and the National Archives and claimed executive privilege over more than 700 records related to the Capitol riot.

As Democrats are pushing for documents for their “commission,” a federal court put a hold, slowing them in their tracks. Trump and his former administration staff have refused to comply with Democrats, claiming it is yet another witch hunt against the 45th president.

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Since January 6th, Democrats have been trying to come up with angles to blame Donald Trump for the events of that day. Again and again, the evidence has not added up for them. The FBI even revealed that the events were not orchestrated by Trump or his staff.

Those figures who appeared to be behind some of the activities were found to be discussing things long before the day–on social media. From all appearances, none of those involved were “following orders” by the president, regardless of what Democrats say.

The final verdict on the National Archives documents has yet to be decided. But this hold will slow the left’s investigation, making it harder for them to push their narrative. We all know, they won’t find anything in Trump’s documents, but 45 won’t give them any ammunition.

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