Trump-Backed Candidate Sprints Out To Major Lead – In Georgia Senator Perdue “Primed To Defeat Kemp”

When former President Donald Trump decides to endorse a candidate, that often provides the candidate with a significant boost heading into an election.

While some Republicans are hesitant about backing from Trump, Donald’s influence and pull in the Republican Party can’t be ignored. It might even be higher now.

And now we have more evidence of “the power of Trump.”

According to a survey just released by Trump pollster Tony Fabrizio, it seems the incumbent is in trouble — while the Trump-backed challenger is surging.

Things are heating up in Georgia, where former Senator David Perdue is battling current Governor Brian Kemp.

Most experts predicted a relatively close race, but this latest change could lead to a more lopsided decision.

The headline of the polling memo is plain: “Perdue Primed to Defeat Kemp.” And it shows that Trump’s impact on current races could be very real.

As the memo stated (via Breitbart):

We found that incumbent Governor Brian Kemp has overstayed his welcome with the Republican electorate and a plurality back another candidate, chiefly David Perdue.

Furthermore, President Trump’s endorsement of Sen. Perdue serves to further solidify his advantage over Brian Kemp.

Right now, Perdue is holding a 47-44% lead in hypothetical polling, with 9 percent remaining undecided.

But when participants were told that Trump had backed Perdue, those numbers change dramatically. In fact, the lead balloons fast for Perdue.

After learning that Trump had supported Perdue, the lead jumps to 22 percent: 56 to 34%.

Even in a situation where former Democratic Sen. Vernon Jones and candidates Kandiss Taylor and Jonathan Garcia are in the race, Perdue holds that double-digit lead.

About 800 GOP primary voters participated in the poll, and the results are clear that Trump’s support means a great deal.

Trump and Gov. Kemp haven’t been on the best of terms for a while.

Trump supported him in 2018 but after that, the President felt Gov. Kemp didn’t support him in the White House, and didn’t support Trump’s challenge of the 2020 election results.

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So now, the former POTUS is going with Perdue — and that might be all Perdue needs to land in the Georgia Governor’s seat.

Heading into the 2022 midterm elections, even Democrat leaders are starting to worry about Trump’s pull within the Republican Party.

If he continues to have this much impact, he could be a force for a long time. And that might include another 2024 presidential bid.

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