Trump Case Prosecutors Just Abandoned Ship – Now Donald’s Lawyer Says The Case Is Probably Over

From the very start of New York’s case against Donald Trump, we knew the jig was up. The liberal investigators leading the charge had a clear, political biased against the 45th president. It seemed more likely, they were trying to harass Trump, rather than expose any real acts of wrongdoing.

But the supposed case dragged on for months, without any real updates or progress. Trump has long maintained innocence, claiming this to be yet another witch hunt by Democrats. Well, now it seems he is being proven right, as the top prosecutors in the case just called it quits. And his own lawyer is proclaiming the case is done.

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From Fox News:

The top prosecutors in charge of the Manhattan district attorney’s investigation into former President Trump and his business dealings resigned Wednesday, bringing into question the future of the probe…

“I’m very happy. I believe the investigation is now over as it should be,” Trump’s attorney Ron Fischetti told Fox News, adding Bragg sat “down with his two top prosecutors. “I believe they had a meeting and went through evidence and decided what I have been saying all along that there wasn’t any evidence that Donald Trump individually did any wrong in this case.”

The two top prosecutors working on New York’s financial case against Trump, Mark Pomerantz and Carey Dunne, just resigned from the case. According to one report, they dropped out after District Attorney Alvin Bragg “raised doubts” there was a case against the 45th president. Trump’s lawyer, Ron Fischetti, said this is a sign that the case would be over soon.

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This case stunk from the very beginning. Pomerantz, before working for the state, was part of a firm that employed Robert Schumer—brother of Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer. Oh, no conflict of interest there! How can anyone assume this investigation was above board when entrenched Democrats were conducting it?

Even if they went out of their way to be impartial, nobody is going to believe their politics didn’t color their work. But the startling news that these prosecutors are dropping out suggests they couldn’t find anything to prove Trump did wrong. In fact, a major part of their investigation—the accusation that Trump overvalued his assets to cheat the government—was proven wrong. Trump actually undervalued his assets, shattering their accusation.

Regardless of whether or not this case is dropped, it’s sure to go nowhere. Democrats have been looking for a reason to slam Trump financially for years. And they’ve always lost. They should really take the hint.

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