Trump Could Have New Job In Washington In Just Months – Matt Gaetz Has Talked To Donald About Replacing Pelosi After Midterms

Democrats continue to worry about the 2022 midterms. And they should. All evidence suggests that a red wave will knock Democrats out of the majority in the House, perhaps even the Senate. And if that happens, big changes are going to take place.

Rep. Matt Gaetz has been discussing the GOP’s prospects for 2022. He’s convinced Republicans are going to win a majority in the House. And when asked about what would happen because of that? Gaetz did not shy away from making a major claim. He’d make Donald Trump the next Speaker.

From Biz Pac Review:

Rep. Matt Gaetz, R – Florida, is making it known that he would happily support former President Donald Trump in becoming the Speaker of the House if Republicans are successful enough to take back at least the House of Representatives during the 2022 midterm elections.

During a press conference at the Capitol, a reporter broached the subject. “If you do retake the House, would you want ex-President Trump to be the Speaker?”

Without hesitation, Gaetz replied, “I would.”

Rep. Gaetz was asked if he’d make Donald Trump Speaker of the House if Republicans retook the lower chamber. He didn’t hesitate to say he would. But how could this happen? It’s well known that House members elect a Speaker every two years.

Whichever party has the majority has enough votes to elect the person they want to oversee the House. But most people don’t realize that the Constitution doesn’t require that person to be a member of the House. Congress members can elect anyone they want to be Speaker, even someone from the outside.

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A few people have floated this idea before. If Republicans retake the House, it’s a possibility that they will pick Trump to become the next Speaker. Some have speculated that could result in him returning to the White House much sooner than 2024. After all, if Biden and Harris are removed from office, the Speaker takes over.

But is this longshot scenario a possibility? Trump was once asked about it. All he said was that it was an interesting idea. Gaetz admitted that he has spoken with Trump about the situation but refused to reveal what he said.

Most people believe that if Republicans retake the House, Rep. Kevin McCarthy is a shoo-in for the gavel. As the House Minority Leader, he is most likely the man they’ll pick. But stranger things have happened. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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