Trump Goes A Perfect 4 And 0 On Election Day – Donald Executes A Complete Sweep As All 4 Of His Endorsed Candidates Claim Victory

Just a few weeks before the Virginia gubernatorial election, Republican challenger Glenn Youngkin trailed Democrat incumbent Terry McAuliffe by about 3 percent.

But that changed rapidly and in the end, a “red wave” rolled over the formerly blue state. The media has been wondering what caused the abrupt turnaround, and how the victory came about.

Maybe there’s one answer, though — “the power of Trump.”

Former President Donald Trump endorsed Youngkin earlier this year, and held a special “tele-rally” the night before Election Day. This could’ve brought more right-wingers to the polls.

McAuliffe and the Democrats attempted to use this to their advantage, citing Trump’s “extremism” as reason to vote Blue.

But it didn’t work and perhaps it’s because Trump remains hugely influential. While some GOP leaders are conflicted about an endorsement from Donald, the numbers don’t lie.

If Trump backs you, you simply have a better chance of winning these days.

In fact, all four of the former President’s endorsed candidates won on Tuesday, which statistically confirms Trump’s pull within the Republican party. And he obviously still resonates with citizens.

Via Washington Examiner:

…the former president’s four endorsed candidates in Tuesday’s elections all won, highlighted by Virginia Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin, the rookie politician who beat lifetime pol Terry McAuliffe.

In the elections, two Trump-backed candidates also beat two of President Joe Biden’s endorsed challengers — the victories seen by some Republicans as a sign of 2020 election buyer’s remorse and a 2024 preview.

Former White House political director Brian Jack made it plain: “The power of Trump’s endorsement is undeniable.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel echoed the statement, saying Trump continues to offer a “huge boost” to right-wing candidates and citizens around the nation.

For his part, during the telerally before the election, Trump said “the MAGA movement is bigger and stronger than ever before.”

That’s evidenced by other Republican victories in America yesterday. And again, several of them had the backing of Trump, and that endorsement could’ve helped in the long run.

For example, Mike Carey was elected to Congress in Ohio; he’s a former coal lobbyist that Trump hand-picked from a group of 11 candidates.

He hosted a telerally for Carey as well, and pushed back against his Biden-endorsed opponent — the result was victory.

Then in Staten Island, New York, Vito Fossella scored a victory in the primary election in June and in the general election, won huge (by a 60-30% margin).

Fossella quickly thanked Trump and his supporters with the following statement: “Tell President Trump what Staten Island thinks of what he has done!

In a mayor’s race in Hialeah, Florida, Trump backed Esteban “Steve” Bovo, who earned 59 percent of the vote in his victory over the former left-wing mayor. That’s Trump’s 4th win in just 24 hours.

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On top of this, Jack reminded Secrets:

In 2020, his record in congressional special and primary elections was 120-2, and last night, he was 4-0 in general elections in Virginia, Ohio, New York, and Florida. Results don’t lie.

The MAGA movement might indeed by gaining strength with every passing day.

In the eyes of many citizens, Democrat policies have been falling flat – and in some cases, utterly failing – in many states and cities across the country. And Biden’s approval ratings have tanked.

Right now, it doesn’t look like the majority of the country wants the radical left to succeed in any way.

And with Trump’s added influence, more red waves might be inevitable in the 2022 midterm elections.

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