Trump Goes After The Bush Texas Dynasty – Donald Just Threw His Endorsement For AG To Bulldog Paxton

Donald Trump never had a great relationship with the Bush family.

Perhaps that’s because most of them are Democrats in disguise!

Trump beat Jeb Bush during the 2016 primaries. The rest of the family must have been offended by that.

Even when he was president, the Bush family refused to support or defend Trump’s super conservative policies.

But the worm has turned. Because now that a younger Bush is running for a top spot in Texas, guess who is refusing to endorse him?

From Daily Caller:

Former President Donald Trump endorsed incumbent Republican Ken Paxton for Texas attorney general over challenger George P. Bush on Monday…

“Attorney General Ken Paxton has been bravely on the front line in the fight for Texas, and America, against the vicious and very dangerous Radical Left Democrats, and the foolish and unsuspecting RINOs that are destroying our Country,” Trump wrote. “Ken is strong on Crime, Border Security, the Second Amendment, Election Integrity and, above all, our Constitution.”

A younger member of the Bush family, George P. Bush, has entered the race to become Texas’s AG.

But the man will have a harder time winning over voters, thanks to Trump’s recent endorsement.

Even though Bush has bucked his family to be supportive of Trump, the 45th president threw his weight behind Ken Paxton.

It’s not hard to see why. Paxton is the current Texas AG and has fought hard to uphold traditional conservative values.

While Trump was president, Paxton no doubt supported his administration on many issues.

Trump praised Paxton, saying he’s strong on “Crime, Border Security, the Second Amendment,” and other major issues.

This doesn’t seem to suggest Trump is dismissing George P. Bush. He has previously said nice things about the man. Even going as far as to say he liked him.

But it was going to be unlikely for Trump to endorse the son of Jeb Bush, a man who once mocked Trump on the 2016 trail, and W., who has not been very supportive of the new Republican leader.

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The role of Texas AG has become incredibly important in recent months. With Joe Biden trampling the Constitution from D.C., it has fallen to state AGs like Paxton to push back.

The job of Texas AG is crucially important. If Texas buckles beneath the radical left, so will most other conservative states.

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