Trump Hands Biden 2 Major Defeats – Donald Supercharges GOP With Major Fundraiser Then Scores Against Biden In New Poll

Although its still years away, many political pundits are watching 2024. The only person who has said they will run is Joe Biden–but many doubt he’ll be viable by then. All eyes are on who will represent the Republican Party. And the good money is currently on President Donald Trump.

Trump has yet to make an announcement, but he is actively working to help the GOP. He’s been rocking recent events from coast to coast. His endorsements have helped candidates during this year’s elections. And now, he is set to hold one of the biggest events, right as the year comes to a close.

From Fox News:

The Make America Great Again, Again super PAC event on Thursday, Dec. 2, will be held at the former president’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida. Sources in Trump world tell Fox News to expect some of the biggest GOP donors from across the country to attend the function…

For the first time, Trump’s political operation commissioned a poll in a hypothetical 2024 matchup between the former president and President Biden…

The survey was conducted in five key battleground states where Biden edged Trump in last year’s election to win the White House. It suggests Trump leading Biden by single digits in Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania and by double digits in Michigan and Wisconsin.

Trump will hold a huge fundraiser at his resort in Palm Beach, Florida. The event is expected to bring out major donors and feature top stars within the GOP. Trump has been on the warpath this year in raising cash. He has a reported $100 million on hand, a staggering amount for someone not running for office.

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This news comes with reports over a recent poll Trump’s team has conducted. They surveyed five battleground states that Biden “won” last year. According to their data, Trump is enjoying leads in all those states. He even has a “double digit” lead in historically blue Michigan and Wisconsin.

That shouldn’t surprise anyone paying attention. Trump won these states easily in 2016. They were “flipped” in 2020. Depending on who you ask, there are conflicting reasons for why Biden won them. But it’s clear Biden’s tremendous failures have soured many voters, both Democrat and independent.

Biden’s approval has tanked over the year. Since the Summer, his popularity among voters has only decreased. To make matters worse, Biden has pushed policies that have only outraged Americans, including a job-killing mandate.

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