Trump Invites Rittenhouse To Mar-A-Lago – Donald Sends Liberals Spinning With Picture Going After Prosecutors

Many people have commented on Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal. Patriots celebrated his “not guilty” verdict, asserting he was simply acting out of self-defense. Democrats, on the other hand, raged on social media. People who branded him guilty even before the trial was upset he was left off, imagine that.

But someone who was oddly silent throughout the sage was Donald Trump. The normally outspoken leader had said seemingly very little about a case that had captured America’s attention. Not anymore. Trump weighed in on the situation, in the most triggering of ways.

From Fox News:

Former President Trump commented on the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse Tuesday on “Hannity” after meeting with the teen in Mar-A-Lago.

Trump said Rittenhouse was subjected to “prosecutorial misconduct.” […]

“He’s a really good young guy … just left Mar-a-Lago a little while ago, and he should never have been put through that. That was prosecutorial misconduct, and it’s happening all over the United States right now with the Democrats,” Trump said.

Donald Trump sent liberals raging this week after meeting with Kyle Rittenhouse. Trump’s son, Donald Jr., posted a photograph of the two in his home at Mar-A-Lago. Then, while speaking on Hannity, Trump blasted Democrats for “prosecutorial misconduct.”

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It appears Trump is criticizing the way the prosecution treated Rittenhouse during the trial. The judge on the case had to confront the prosecution numerous times, including when they tried to challenge Rittenhouse’s Fifth Amendment rights.

Other people have commented on how the media branded Rittenhouse guilty long before the trial. Liberals on social media went as far as to accuse him of being a “white supremacist,” without evidence. Some have even suggested the young man sue those media outlets who slandered him.

Alan Dershowitz, the famed lawyer, even offered to help.

Democrats are sure to flip their lids at seeing the photo of Rittenhouse with Donald Trump. Many tried to associate Rittenhouse with the MAGA movement prior to the case, in an attempt to use politics to smear him. To see the man now smiling beside 45 will really chafe their hide.

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