Trump Just Globally Challenged Biden – He Tells Sleepy Joe Not To Nap Through His Meeting With Putin

It’s safe to say that Joe Biden is not the diplomat Donald Trump was.

Sleepy Joe even had Kamala Harris speak with and meet foreign leaders for him. Why would Joe do that?

Does he care about this job at all?

Now, it appears Joe Biden will be meeting with Russian President Putin. And Donald Trump called out Joe, urging him not to sleep on the job.

From Twitter:

Trump tells Biden not to fall asleep in his meeting with Putin

Trump called out Biden over his upcoming meeting with Putin.

The 45th president discussed that, despite slander from our own media, he had a productive meeting with Putin.

While Trump was president, the aggressive foreign power was largely held in check. Sanctions prevented them from dominating Europe’s energy production.

And Trump even got Russia to scale back its activity in Syria.

These days? We can’t count on Biden to do the same. He already lifted sanctions, paving the way for Russia to take over a pipeline in Germany.

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Trump warned Biden not to “fall asleep” during his meeting with Putin. That is a biting blow.

Putin is a man that respects strength and determination. He clearly saw that in Donald Trump.


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