Trump Just Handed Biden Another Major Loss – National Poll Puts Donald Ahead Of Joe In The Handling Of “Key Issues”

In recent months, President Joe Biden’s approval ratings have fallen sharply. Vice President Kamala Harris has slipped as well.

The American people disapprove of Biden’s job performance overall, and citizens remain concerned about the ailing economy.

And in comparison to Biden’s predecessor, there’s a significant gap.

Biden has faced multiple serious issues in 2021, including the border crisis, the pandemic, Afghanistan, and rising inflation.

These are all key topics that remain at the forefront of most political debates.

And according to a recent Harvard/Harris poll, this is where Biden fails most: in addressing the issues that are most important.

On top of that, former President Donald Trump fared better in all these categories.

From Breitbart:

The survey, taken October 26-28, 2021, among 1,578 registered voters, found that most Americans do not approve of Biden’s job performance in ‘any given area’ — from the economy to immigration.

In contrast, a majority approved of Trump’s handling of many of the same issues in January 2021.

Once again, the economy is a big stumbling block for the Biden administration.

The current POTUS only receives a 40 percent approval rating on the economy overall, and 44 percent on stimulating jobs.

The numbers only go down from there.

A paltry 35 percent approve of Biden’s immigration policies, he has a 39 percent approval on foreign affairs, and 33 percent on Afghanistan.

Former Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump fared much better in all these categories.

In fact, the gaps are more than significant: for example, 56 percent approved of how Trump handled the American economy.

58 percent approved of his stimulating jobs, 52 percent approved of his immigration work, 52 percent for foreign affairs, and 49 percent on government.

Biden did score one win, however.

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In regards to “reacting to the coronavirus,” 50 percent approve of Biden’s moves, while Trump came in at 47 percent.

Right now, Biden’s disapproval rating sits at over 50 percent right now, which is starting to reach historic levels.

Lastly, the poll asked that if an election were held today between Trump and Biden, who would you vote for?

In that case, it was a virtual tie; Biden led by a slim 46-45% margin. That certainly reflects just how close the 2020 presidential election was.

But as time goes on, and Biden’s approval numbers continue to tumble, Trump might be in a prime position to run again.

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