Trump Plans Major Campaign-Style Rally For 2022 – Donald Is Headed To The Swing State Of Arizona

The New Year is upon us and all eyes are on Donald Trump’s plans. Ever since he left office, millions of Americans have watched as he reemerged over the year. Despite social media’s ongoing blackout, Trump has continued to reach the public through press releases, interviews, and his legendary rallies.

Both supporters and enemies alike are waiting for Trump’s 2024 plans. Speculation has spread far and wide over whether or not he will return to the campaign trail. Well, rumors are getting red-hot as Trump announces his first major event in 2022.

From New York Post:

Former President Donald Trump announced Thursday that he will hold his first campaign-style rally of 2022 on Jan. 15 in Arizona…

The rally in Florence, Ariz., about 60 miles southeast of Phoenix, will be Trump’s first set-piece event with supporters since an October rally in Iowa.

Trump is hitting the ground running in 2022 with his first rally. It will be held in Florence, AZ—not far from Phoenix. This is Trump’s first visit to the state since lawmakers conducted a thorough audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 Election results.

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It’s not clear if any major announcements will be made by Trump at the rally. Some could be hoping he’ll reveal his 2024 plans for the White House. Others might be expecting updates on the ballot audit. But it will certainly feature the trademark energy and enthusiasm of a Trump rally.

Trump has made a goal of helping the GOP retake the House in 2022. Republicans are poised to sweep Congress in the midterms after Democrats nearly ran the country into the ground. Biden’s continued failures as POTUS have dragged down the party, ensuring major losses in the coming election.

With such an early rally at the start of the year, we could be seeing much more from Trump in 2022. His much-anticipated social media app will be coming out soon as well. Perhaps we will be hearing a campaign announcement from him soon, as well.

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