Trump Reportedly “Telling His Dinner Pals He’s Planning To Run For President In 2024”

According to an new report from Rolling Stone by Andy Kroll, former President Trump is telling pals he plans to run for President in 2024.

Trump has told at least three people he’s dined with in recent months that he plans to run in 2024, a former senior official at the Republican National Committee tells Rolling Stone. “I have three friends who’ve had dinner with him in the last couple of months. All three reported that his current plans are to run for president in 2024,” the former R.N.C. official says. “Now, whether he does or not is a different issue. We’ve still got three years to go. But he’s telling people that.”

The ex-R.N.C. official says the first two dinners took place in late spring. But the third dinner happened in the last two weeks, the official said. The first two dinner companions came away from their conversations convinced Trump was serious and he’s running, the official adds. The third said he left the dinner “not 100% sure Trump wants to run but he likes being in the conversation, he wants to freeze the field, and he wants his name out there,” according to the ex-R.N.C. official.

Another ex-adviser told Rolling Stone “all the people I talk to who deal with him directly think as of now he is running.”

Trump told Newsmax late last month “I’ll be making an announcement in the not too distant future.”

“Right now, I’m helping a lot of people get into office, and we’re fighting the deep state, and we’re fighting [the] radical left,” he added.

Trump expressed optimism on how Republicans will do in upcoming midterm elections.

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“I think you’re going to be thrilled,” Trump said. “I think you’re going to be very happy. We want a little time to go by, maybe watch what happens in [2022]. We’re giving tremendous endorsements … and some people go up 40, 50, 60 points.”

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