Trump Shakes Up Major RINO Challenges – Donald Just Backed 2 Major Races Against Moderate Republicans

Democrats thought they were rid of Trump after January 20. But throughout this year, we have seen signs of Trump’s influence only growing. His popularity is actually rising, despite being out of office. And it’s no question he continues to lead the Republican Party, regardless of what a few NeverTrumpers say or do.

And Trump is not being idle by any measure. He has raised considerable sums of money for his Super PACs. Those funds will help many GOP candidates battle it out during the midterms. Trump is going even further, by backing two candidates against moderate rivals.

From Newsmax:

As part of the arrangement agreed upon during a meeting at Mar-a-Lago on Saturday, Trump pledged to endorse former GOP Rep. Mark Walker, who is currently in third place in the [North Carolina] Senate primary, if he drops out of the [Senate] contest and runs again for the House instead of in the state’s 7th District.

And in addition to helping Ted Budd beat out moderate Pat McCrory in NC, he is working to take on a big dog in Georgia.

From Fox News:

Former Republican Sen. David Perdue on Monday declared his candidacy for governor of Georgia governor…

Perdue’s move, coming after months of encouragement by former President Donald Trump to run for governor, sets up an epic GOP primary battle with incumbent conservative Gov. Brian Kemp, who for a year has faced the former president’s rath for not overturning the 2020 election results in Georgia.

Major races will be decided next year, which could reshape not only Congress but many states. And Trump is using his influence to ensure America-first candidates have their best chances at winning.

In North Carolina, he is working to boost Senate primary candidate Ted Budd, who is running against moderate and former GOP governor Pat McCrory.

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As part of his strategy, Trump urged another candidate, Mark Walker, to drop out of the primary race and instead run again for his seat in the House. This will give Walker a better chance at beating McCrory, who is considered an establishment candidate.

But the bigger race is for Georgia’s governor. Far-left socialist Stacey Abrams, despite losing in 2018, announced she was going to run again. Although the left will have fewer options to “create irregularities” thanks to GA’s new voter law, Abrams will have the backing of Hollywood dollars and other big leftist hitters.

The current governor, Republican Kemp, is no longer an ally of Trump’s. After enjoying Trump’s endorsement in 2018, he apparently refused to do everything the president advised during the chaotic 2020 Election. Now, Trump is backing former Sen. David Perdue, who will be primarying against Kemp.

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