Trump Supporters Slandered By Ex-CIA Director – He Just Claimed They’re America’s Taliban

Just when you thought they hit rock bottom, they find more ways to show their ugly side.

We are watching as Biden abandoned Afghanistan to the Taliban. Thousands of Americans are in peril, as well as many more Afghan allies.

The administration struggles to evacuate people, as the airport is under Taliban control.

It is a historic crisis—but what is one ex-CIA head doing? Insulting millions of Americans.

From Fox News:

Former CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden was widely panned for a retweet that signaled he equated President Trump’s supporters in the United States with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

On Thursday, Hayden retweeted a split image. The top showed black-clad Islamic militants waving guns and flags from a line of cars with a caption reading: “Their Taliban.” Beneath that was a line of pickup trucks hoisting American flags and “Trump 2020” flags with the caption: “Our Taliban”

Worse than that, he applauded a tweet that suggested “unvaxxed” Trump supporters be shipped to Afghanistan.

From Daily Caller:

“Can we send the MAGA wearing unvaxxed to Afghanistan, no use sending that plane back empty?” The tweet said.

“Good idea,” Hayden replied in a tweet that was widely criticized on social media.

Wow. Not sure how to unpack all this. A retired, four-star Air Force General and former CIA director has put himself into serious hot water.

Michael Hayden revealed his true, ugly, partisan colors with several tweets in recent days.

Just as Biden allowed the Taliban to take over Afghanistan, Hayden retweeted an image that compared Trump supporters to the group of killers.

In addition to that, he replied “Good idea” to a tweet suggesting unvaccinated people who wear “MAGA” clothing be sent to Afghanistan.

These kinds of interactions are shockingly tone-deaf and ugly. At a time when all Americans worry about their neighbors stranded overseas, this man is making crass jokes and insults.

Is there not a shred of human decency within this man? I guess that’s asking too much…

We’ve watched Joe Biden callously dismiss the deaths of people falling from planes. Kamala Harris laughed when asked about Americans fearing for their lives.

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Now, this partisan con artist is joking about sending unvaccinated Americans to a Taliban-controlled country. To want end?

Do these leaders even think before they speak? Are they really so poisoned by politics that they’d wish ill on fellow Americans?

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