Trump Tells National Guard To Respond Quickly – Donald Says They Must Stop America’s Wave Of Smash-And-Grabs

For years, we’ve heard from Democrats about the evils of our police departments. Some extreme leftists have called for the defunding of police. And, to the shock of most Americans, blue cities obeyed. Many police departments, in major cities, lack the resources to stop crime.

Guess what happened? Crime is out of control. Robberies, break-ins, and even homicides are climbing across the country. And check out the latest trend: roving mobs of looters who pull up in cars, blocking traffic, as they raid shopping malls and department stores, unhindered. Now, 45 is calling for direct action to end this crime spree.

From Twitter:


“If Democrats don’t immediately stop smash-and-grab robberies, which are taking place in their cities, the National Guard must be called out. There has never been such a thing that has happened in our Country. Large numbers of stores are leaving

It’s like something out of a comic book. Gangs, empowered by the weakening of our police, are hitting major stores in blue cities across America. They have organized raids that wipe out stores, leaving them in tatters. But, unlike comic books, we don’t have masked crusaders ready and able to end these scourges.

We don’t need superheroes if Democrats bothered to do their jobs. Donald Trump hammered Democrats for sitting back and doing nothing, as gangs wipe out people’s livelihoods. He called for the National Guard to be brought in, to freeze these crooks in their tracks.

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He warned that in San Francisco and other places, the problem is getting so bad that stores are just leaving. How long before there is no commerce in these places? Is that what these socialists want? Do they hate capitalism so much, they’d sit back and let criminals drive all the stores out of their towns?

Are Democrats that stupid? Then why aren’t they doing something about all this crime?

There is a reason rational Americans are getting out of blue cities and states. Democrats are turning a blind eye to rising crime. It’s getting so bad, the criminals are forming mobs and robbing stores in broad daylight. If state governors were smart, they’d do exactly what Trump is saying and bring in the guardsmen.

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