Trump Throws Down 2024 Gauntlet To Hillary – After Polling Wave Grows For Donald He Goes After Democrats

Perhaps “losing” the 2020 election was the best thing for Donald Trump. As Biden’s continued to fail left and right, support and approval for 45 continues to grow.

Trump has been enjoying surging support among Republicans since leaving office. And now, it is only growing.

From Twitter:

2024 GOP Primary Trends

GOP support for Trump 2024 grows

Would you like to see Donald Trump run for President in 2024?

JUNE: 59%


@EchelonInsights Poll

According to Echelon Insights, support for Trump to return to the White House is up to 74% among the GOP. Clearly the party, which was divided only months ago, is now firmly getting behind Donald.

Recently, he spoke with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo. During the interview, he went after Hillary and her recent comments and called out Biden once again.

Trump dropped the gauntlet on Clinton after she claimed Trump winning in 2024 would be the “end of democracy.” After Bartiromo asked if Trump would like another match-up against Clinton, he said absolutely. Clearly, the man is in no way worried about running against Clinton, if that ends up happening.

He then went on to call out the mess Democrats have been making in D.C. Trump mentioned Hunter, whose growing scandal could sink him and his family. The 45th president also discussed the frequent occurrence of Biden called Kamala Harris president.

That sparked the question from Maria, who does Trump think is really running the country? Trump didn’t mince words when he said he did not believe Biden was really in charge. He pointed to several instances where Biden would say one thing one day but do something else the next.

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Trump criticized Biden’s inconsistency with issues like Russia. Biden has previously talked big about holding Putin in check. But, when it comes to decision making, Biden has been rolling over for the Russian dictator.

Trump is simply saying what many Americans have been thinking. Biden has failed again and again this year. He does not seem capable of running an administration.

The American people demand answers: who is really in charge? And we are we going to do about it?

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