Trump Turns Heads With Two New Hires – Donald Just Brought On Board Specialists In Iowa Latcham And Branstad

Ever since Trump left office, he’s shown signs of a comeback. Now, something big just happened.

President Trump formed a Super PAC called “Save America.” This group has already raised over $100 million this year.

The 45th president has attended several rallies in Arizona, Florida, and Ohio. And he’s spoken at top conservative events.

Rumors have spread that he is planning his 2024 comeback. But no official word has come out.

Now, we are learning he’s one step closer, with this big move against Biden.

From Newsmax:

Donald Trump’s fundraising committee has hired two political operatives familiar with campaigns in Iowa, the state that typically kicks off the race for the White House, signaling his interest in running in 2024…

A Save America spokesman, Taylor Budowich, confirmed the hires and said Latcham and Branstad will help on “many political matters.”

Well, look at this! Trump just hired two political operatives with experience in Iowa.

We all know that Iowa is the first major battleground in primary races. If Trump returns in 2024, he’ll need to focus on Iowa early on.

According to reports Eric Branstad and Alex Latcham will be joining Trump’s Save America PAC as senior advisors.

Hmm… I wonder what they could be advising Trump on? Could it be they are going to help the man build a strategy for Iowa and beyond?

Without a formal re-election campaign, Trump might be focusing on other tactics. He could be building support for 2022 candidates.

Or he could simply be preparing for other forms of advocacy. His PAC is devoted to promoting conservative values, after all.


But when this news is added to what Mark Meadows and Sean Spicer both recently said, it is not far-fetched to believe this is more signs of a 2024 comeback.

With Joe Biden failing left and right, Americans are clamoring for Trump to return. He has vowed to help Republicans retake Congress in 2022.

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