Trump Turns The Tables On Biden – In American History Donald Claims Joe’s Pullout In Afghanistan Is The Worst

Americans continue to express outrage over Biden’s failure in Afghanistan.

Thanks to his poorly executed withdrawal, our enemy the Taliban has taken over the country.

Biden tried to defend his decision last night, causing only more problems.

Today, he is back vacationing, practically ignoring the crisis.

That’s not good enough for the 45th president. And Donald Trump is dropping a sledgehammer on old Joe.

From The Blaze:

Former President Donald Trump has been on the attack, criticizing the Biden administration over the issue of Afghanistan as the nation swiftly falls to the Taliban while the U.S. seeks to withdraw…

“Afghanistan is the most embarrassing military outcome in the history of the United States. It didn’t have to be that way!” Trump said in another statement.

Trump has been vocal over Biden’s failures in Afghanistan. And for good reason.

The 45th president had been arranging an agreement with the Taliban. He would have withdrawn our troops, but only on the condition the Taliban would not attack anyone.

Biden rejected that deal, in the “most embarrassing military outcome in the history of the United States,” according to Trump.

Trump blasted Biden for making critical and obvious mistakes. He asked why Biden pulled troops without pulling civilians and U.S. allies.

Americans and Afghans were left stranded after Biden pulled thousands of soldiers. The airport in Kabul canceled all commercial flights as the situation worsened.

Trump also criticized Biden for pulling our troops but leaving behind expensive vehicles, weapons, and drones. Why would Biden leave “topflight and highly sophisticated equipment,” which the Taliban immediately seized.

Donald asked the obvious question, “Who can believe such incompetence?”

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That’s a good one. America is stunned to watch a man who promised to be “better” make mistakes a child wouldn’t make.

Biden has failed again and again, on nearly every issue. Afghanistan might be his biggest, the worst failure of a president since Vietnam.

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