Trump’s Red Wave Just Crashed On Democrats – Liberals Sent Into Panic After 2022 Retirements Build Up In Trump Districts

Democrats know their days are number. And things just got worse!

Congress is under Democrat control. As is the White House.

So, Americans can clearly see all the crises hammering our country are their fault. And still, Democrats push ideas that continue to hurt our country. (see: open border, a failing economy, and a fallen Afghanistan).

Republicans have been mounting a comeback to retake Congress.

Now some big news has Democrats really panicking.

From The Hill:

Democrats are growing increasingly nervous about the mounting number of retirements by their incumbents in competitive House districts that former President Trump carried in 2020…

“I think there’s a feeling that, in some of these districts, without the incumbents, it becomes that much harder,” one Democratic strategist who has worked on House races said. “We’re still talking about swing districts here. But I can’t imagine this is how anyone wanted the midterms to go down.”

There are seven districts currently held by Democrats that Trump won in 2020. Two of those Democrats announced they are retiring.

And there are fears more will step down before the midterms.

Why is that such a big problem? Without incumbents, Democrats will have to scramble to find new faces to run for those seats.

On top of that, Republicans have been on a warpath, raising money and connecting with voters.

The RNC is dead set on winning back Congress in 2022. And with each Democrat retirement, they get that much closer to that dream.

Add to that the fact that Donald Trump has vowed to help the GOP win back the majority.

He is backing America-first candidates, hosting rallies with the goal of doing more in the coming year.

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Keep in mind, these are districts Trump won just a year ago. His presence and endorsements will go a long way in securing these seats for Republicans.

Meanwhile, Democrats do themselves no favors with how they are “leading” the country.

Inflation is out of control. The border is overrun. And the federal government is contradicting itself every day over the virus.

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