Veterans Pour Fuel On Biden’s ‘Dumpster Fire’ – They Give Joe A Zero Say Trump Would Have ‘Squashed’ It

Americans from all walks of life are outraged at Biden’s failure in Afghanistan.

But nobody is more shocked and alarmed than our nation’s veterans.

These men and women served in Afghanistan. They risked their lives and watched their brothers die.

All to see Joe Biden disgrace their sacrifices with his hastily and unplanned withdrawal.

Now, some of those veterans are pouring fuel on Biden’s dumpster fire. And they are saying what Trump would have done instead.

On a scale of 1-10, this retired Navy SEAL gives President Biden’s job performance a ZERO.

@JackCarrUSA tells @BillOReilly how he would have handled Afghanistan as #POTUS.

Many mistakes were made, beginning early on in the war, he explains.

From Fox News:

Two former U.S. Army rangers who served in Afghanistan are blasting President Biden for having “no plan” for withdrawing from the country and then blaming others for the “dumpster fire” that ensued…

[Amenta] trusted that the Trump administration would have responded more strongly once things went bad.

“He would have squashed it,” Blakeley agreed.

As the media tries to get a response from hiding Biden, some Afghanistan veterans are speaking out.

Retired Navy SEAL Jack Carr gave Joe Biden’s plan a ZERO, criticizing the Democrat’s handling of the situation.

Two retired Army rangers, Dan Blakeley and Tom Amenta, called Biden’s disaster a “dumpster fire.” They both agreed that Donald Trump would have “squashed” the Taliban’s attempts to take over.

President Trump has been working on a deal to withdraw our troops. A large part of the plan was a stern warning to the Taliban.

If they tried to attack Afghans, he would have retaliated. He promised to hit the Taliban hard if they even dared to hurt anyone.

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Apparently, the Taliban knew Biden wouldn’t do the same. They had no fear as they captured city after city, taking American equipment, eventually taking over Kabul.

These veterans served in Afghanistan for years. They fought the Taliban and formed bonds with the Afghan people.

They risked their lives so that those people could be free from this radical group’s oppression.

But in one fell swoop, Biden erased all that progress.

You can understand why they are so angry. Yet Biden refuses to own up to his failure.

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