Virginia Dem McAuliffe Torches His Own Party – He Goes After Biden Congress And Admits “Americans Are Losing”

The governor race in Virginia is getting as hot as can be. Republican newcomer Glenn Youngkin closed the gap with his Democrat rival. In a recent poll, he even has a slight lead over Terry McAuliffe.

And it seems old Terry is feeling the fire.

McAuliffe previously criticized Joe Biden during a campaign call, saying he was “unpopular” with Virginians. Now, he is torching his own party. During a podcast, he complained about Democrats being unable to pass the bipartisan bill. And he admitted, thanks to his own party’s leadership, that we are losing.

Video From YouTube:

Despite being under total Democrat control, Democrat nominee for Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe said, “Americans are losing,” during a segment on the podcast “No Lie” with Brian Tyler Cohen on 10/11/2021.

McAuliffe ranted about the Democrats in D.C. for not getting anything done in months. He blasted them saying, “They need to do their damn jobs.” He admitted Democrats are “looking foolish,” as the country faces numerous crises hampering our recovery. At the end of the clip, he even admitted that “Americans are losing,” thanks to the left.

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I think most patriots would agree with that sentiment. Democrats have control of the House, the Senate, and the presidency. They claim to have better leaders, ideas, and vision for the country. Yet why is the country struggling so much?

Over a million people trampled over our border this year. Crime is surging across major cities. Inflation is hammering American homes. Fuel costs will keep countless in the cold this Winter. A supply chain crisis is poised to ruin our holidays. And an ongoing worker shortage is shutting down small businesses.

Will Democrats in D.C. take any part of the responsibility for this big mess? Will Biden admit his “build back better” agenda is not working as planned (unless he planned it this way)? Terry McAuliffe seems to see the writing on the wall.

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