Virginia Students Take Matters Into Their Own Hands – They Just Unloaded A Lawsuit On Liberal Loudon County School Board

Virginia Loudoun county has been the center of controversy for a while now. The school district was hammered after it apparently tried to cover up a scandal. The chaos surrounding this school helped propel Republican candidate Glen Youngkin into office. But this mismanaged county is not done violating Americans’ rights.

Despite an order by the governor himself, this liberal county continues to impose strict mandates. They ignore parents’ demands and continue to push their unpopular, unscientific agenda. So, the students themselves are striking back. I bet the county didn’t see this coming.

From Breitbart:

Viral video showed a group of Virginia students serving a lawsuit to the Loudoun County school board over its mask mandates.

Delivered at a meeting on Tuesday, the students were seen carrying piles of affidavits into the chamber as parents cheered…

According to the Loudoun Times-Mirror, the affidavits were presented after a “speaker claimed that the school division failed to respond to a Feb. 2 notice of ‘maladministration, and demand to cease and desist enforcing what they said are unconstitutional mandates on students.’”

Wow. A group of students delivered a lawsuit to the Loudoun County school board over its mask mandates. They delivered affidavits along with the suit which accused the county of “maladministration” and said their mandates were “unconstitutional.”

The governor himself ordered all schools to drop such mandates. But we’re not surprised that radicals who run this county ignored him. These are the same people who refused to listen to parents’ concerns over criminal acts. And the same kind of liberal-run school board that lied to parents about CRT.

But this development is truly amazing. The students themselves are standing up to this brand of tyranny. They are refusing to be bullied around. And they have good reason to fight back. For nearly 2 years, students have suffered tremendously, thanks to uncaring and callous lockdown mandates by adults.

Entire academic careers have been derailed. Not to mention the mental health of millions of children. These students are entitled to seek justice through a lawsuit.

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