Virginia Victory Sweep Knocks Over Biden’s Agenda – Major Upsets Could Stop Congress In Its Tracks On Spending Bill

Plenty of people are talking about the results of yesterday’s elections. Political experts are weighing in on what one Virginia aide privately called a “bloodbath” for the Democrats.

The biggest race, of course, was for Virginia’s governor. And Republican Glenn Youngkin defied the odds to beat Terry McAuliffe.

You’d have to be a fool not to see how this will impact Joe Biden. After all, the man went to Virginia to endorse McAuliffe. He even said on Election Night that Democrats would win the state.

Now, after this stunning loss, it looks like this will cost Biden far more than a few state leaders. It could cost him everything. From Fox News:

Even David Axelrod… questioned whether returns in Virginia’s gubernatorial election were forcing Democrats to rethink their votes on Biden’s multitrillion-dollar spending plan.

“If you’re a Democrat sitting on Capitol Hill and you’re from one of these swing districts in suburban areas, are you rethinking tonight your vote on this reconciliation package?” Axelrod said Tuesday night on CNN. “Are you thinking, maybe it’s best, we shouldn’t do it.”

Former Obama advisor David Axelrod echoed many Democrats after their stunning loss in Virginia. He warned that moderates in D.C. will be much less likely to support Biden’s socialist spending deals floating around Capitol Hill right now.

Plenty of friction has been generated already over Biden’s massive spending bills. Moderates in the House, along with Sen. Joe Manchin, have been unwilling to sign off on them. They had already feared that these socialist-leaning bills would sour voters in their swing districts.

But this election could push them over the edge. A moderate Democrat like McAuliffe lost big to a Republican, in blue Virginia? What hope will they have on keeping their seats if they support a radical proposal like Biden’s spending bill?

It is very possible that moderates, who already opposed the far-left of their party, will withdraw their support for Biden’s $1.75 trillion spending bill. Many moderates in the House haven’t fully committed to the bill.

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They were hoping Joe Manchin would finally break to their liberal demands. Now that’s a slim chance as he watches a neighboring blue state turn red. Instead, moderates in the House might jump on board with Manchin and openly oppose this unwise legislation.

What will that mean for Biden’s other spending bill? What will it mean for everything else he wants to have done? We can’t say for sure, but it’s not good for old Joe. If he is determined to side with progressives, he could lose the core of his own party.

And he might be a lame duck for the rest of his term. However long that lasts.

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