WARNING: Urgent Message! Flynn ENDORSES Q! NO MORE Conspiracy!

General Mike Flynn endorsed Q, and it is official! We are switching from Conspiracy to Mainstream, and no one can stop what is coming! We will witness an awakening, the Deep State Cabal’s greatest fear!

Also, we have a huge warning from Anons to all Americans. We will witness ‘’the start’’ of a worldwide military intelligence sting operation!

Another prediction is that a storm is coming! Everyone has to pass through the tough times to see the light!

Precisely because of that, we saved our children from the pandemic called: CHILD TRAFFICKING!

However, the more we wait, the more the Deep State is exposed! Everything was planned, and the world is watching!

Q promises a hot summer, so the Deep State, election fraud, fake news, the lying Big Pharma, etc., everyone would be exposed. You will see their real faces!

Military Tribunals will come soon, and arrests will follow. Many famous faces would end up behind bars, including Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Fauci, Obama, Biden, Clinton, etc.

Trump shared: “We’re Going To Take Back Our Country SOONER THAN YOU THINK! You will see things you’ve never seen before!”

This man won’t come back as the President of Bankrupted U.S. Corporation, but of the New Republic of the U.S.!

Plus, NESARA would be enacted, and the debts of the Americans would be erased!


TRENDING : ‘’Trump Will Be Sworn In As The 19th President Of The RESTORED REPUBLIC!’’ Lin Wood Interview And NESARA/GESARA!

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