Washington Democrats Give Their Party Major Warning – Latest Polls Are Starting To Look Like The “Reagan Revolution”

Democrats just don’t seem to learn. After the “blood bath” that was this year’s elections, they forged ahead to pass Biden’s so-called infrastructure bill. Despite massive opposition, they continue to push Biden’s bigger spending deal, which will cripple our economy and shut down numerous industries.

But across America, we are seeing Americans fight back. If this year was any indication, a red wave is set to sweep D.C. and states from coast to coast. And now, even Democrats are starting to panic. Because, according to some polls, this is resembling the Reagan years.

From The Hill:

“It’s almost like the Reagan revolution,” the Democratic source said of the success Republicans are having in portraying Democrats as out of step with mainstream cultural values.

A Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday showed that 46 percent of registered voters say they would prefer to see Republicans control the Senate, while 42 percent said they want a Democratic Senate majority.

Democrats in D.C. are panicking over the shift they are seeing in politics. Polls are rejecting the Democrats’ far-left agenda. Voters would rather see Republicans take over Congress, to right the wrongs of the Biden administration.

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Even as Biden crashes and burns, Democrats have done nothing to check him. They only appear hell-bent to push his socialist agenda, even as his policies fail again and again. They didn’t even bother investigating him over Afghanistan–something that every America was outraged over.

Now, with the polls turning on Democrats, some are starting to meltdown. Some have called this similar to the Reagan revolution when the famed Republican swept into office. His election marked a dramatic shift in our government and a new era of conservatism.

Meanwhile, Biden’s polling numbers continue to sink, leading Democrats to panic over 2024. Harris’s numbers are even worse, erasing the prospect that she can take over.

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