WATCH: Arizona Forensic Auditors Detail The HIGHLY Suspicious Findings From Their Audit

In the Arizona Senate hearing today, the forensic auditors explain some of the highly suspicious items they’ve found throughout this audit, some of which have no logical explanation:

Here’s a summary rundown from Liz Harrington, which she backs up with video in the following tweets:

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The auditor expert testified that this could have been a clerical error where the documentation simply wasn’t done correctly, but suggests that with this many votes, knocking on doors to verify them is warranted.

In this instance the auditor expert couldn’t think of a single logical reason why voters would be added to the rolls after the voting was completed.

Again, more information is needed to ensure that this is legitimate (or not), which may include looking at daily information shared between the county and the Secretary of State’s office.

The Senate president is being careful to not call things fraud that are not fraud, and in this hearing, she’s not calling anything fraud yet without more investigation to substantiate the dubious and highly suspicious findings.

Lastly, here’s a list made by the Audit War Room of some of the same and other suspicious findings revealed today:


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