Watch: Biden & Company Are Feeling The Heat, MLB Boycott Of Georgia Has Backfired

The quest by woke liberals to make Georgia suffer for passing their voter integrity law has backfired and now the White House is feeling the heat. 

White House press secretary Jen Psaki had a hard time separating President Joe Biden from the controversy. During an appearance on ESPN last week, Biden said he “strongly supported” the idea of moving the MLB All-Star game out of Atlanta. Not long after Biden made those comments Major League Baseball announced the venue change citing opposition to the newly pass law. 

“I think today’s professional athletes are acting incredibly responsibly. I would strongly support them doing that,” Biden said when asked about the idea during an ESPN interview. “People look to them. They’re leaders.”

That decision has backfired, Cobb County is a Democrat stronghold in the state and those that will suffer most from the $100 million loss are Democrats. Even Georgia Democrats who opposed the law weren’t happy with the leagues decision because they knew it would hurt their base.

On Monday, Psaki tried to dodge responsibility. 

“He[Biden] was not dictating for what Major League Baseball should do, that they should — dictating they should move the All-Star game,” she said. “That was their decision, they made that decision, and as he stated earlier he certainly supports that.”

Psaki claimed that Biden’s remarks should be considered in “context.” 

When directly asked if Biden supports the MLB’s decision to move the game, Psaki went into liberal spin mode. 

“He supports them being able to make the decision, and respond to what their players, you know, asks are given many of them are impacted of course by these laws,” she said.

When asked if Biden supported moving the PGA Master championship out of Georgia Psaki stayed silent.

“I’m not here to call for anyone on behalf of the president or the vice president or anyone to take a step in reaction to the law in Georgia,” she said.

You can watch the exchange below, it is cued up.

If you are curious just how bad it is for Democrat’s, below is a poll conducted by a very liberal polling agency.

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