WATCH Biden Digs At Kamala Adds Insult To Injury During Ceremony

One day after the report detailing that Biden and Kamala are not getting along Biden snubs Kamala and her hubby.

As Biden started to thank everyone supporting his infrastructure bill he called Kamala’s husband, Doug Emhoff the “First Lady” and then started to snicker.

The president was trying to take a victory lap in an attempt to get his approval numbers up from the depths.

“Here in Washington, we’ve heard countless speeches and promises on infrastructure. Today, we finally got it done. America is moving again. And fifty years from now, I truly believe they will say this was the moment we won the competition for the 21st century,” the president posted on social media.

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The only thing people are going to remember about Biden in 50 years is that he was one of the worst presidents in American history and was senile throughout his administration.

Even the drones at CNN groaned over Biden’s victory lap but not for the reasons that would make sense.

CNN argued that Biden shouldn’t have taken a victory lap because Americans aren’t smart enough to understand how great Joe Biden is.

From CNN:Biden delivered on a promise to get a massive infrastructure bill passed into law — one that had evaded previous presidents. He did it, against all expectations, in a bipartisan way. The signing ceremony attended by members of both parties Monday at the White House should have been a victory lap.

Instead, there are foreboding headlines for Biden and the Democrats.

Oh, Americans understand, more than Joe or CNN want to admit.

They understand that continued government spending is causing inflation to skyrocket. Americans also understand that it didn’t cost a paycheck to visit their family members for Thanksgiving until Biden slashed US oil production.

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