WATCH: Biden’s New Comments About Inflation Are Dreadful Things Are About To Get Even Worse

As Biden rubbed nose with the elite in Nantucket he did take a couple of questions from the press. The president’s revealed that things are about to get a whole lot worse.

Biden told reporters that he is hoping his nominees to the Fed will take care of inflation.

That’s it, there is no plan, no bill, no nothing, he just hopes his nominees figure it out.

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There is nobody driving the ship folks Biden just hopes they figure it out.

Biden also seemed clueless about the new COVID variant stating, “We don’t know a lot about the variant, except that it is of great concern, it seems to spread rapidly.”

Later in the day the White House announced that Biden was headed back to Washington to be briefed by Dr. Fauci.

Which more than likely means Biden is going to use the new induced panic to try and impose all of Fauci’s policies including another lockdown.

Fauci said everything is on the table.

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