WATCH: Bikers gathered to honor veterans have message to kneeling athletes “they should be proud Americans and standing up for everybody”

Bikers gathered to honor veterans /MIAs /POWs at the annual “Rolling to Remember” event in DC interviewed by Breitbart News had a message for athletes who kneel during the national anthem.

Mike said  “I stand for the flag, and I kneel for God. “You need to stand for the flag for the 82,000 guys that are still MIAs and have not come home and for the hundreds and hundreds of thousands who have lost their lives, who have gone off to war and lost their lives fighting for our freedoms.”

“My message to the athletes is: You’re a role model and you shouldn’t be making that much of a statement when there are young kids out there watching and trying to emulate what you’re doing,” he continued. “They should be proud Americans and standing up for everybody, not just their own personal opinion.”

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Eric, another biker attending the event said “It’s kind of like he said — it’s respecting, you know. Stand up for it and stand up for the messages you want to stand for as well. I think that’s where the pride comes from. Whatever that message is that you’re wanting to be heard or are trying to get out to people, stand for it.”

“I don’t think disrespecting someone else’s message is a way to get your message heard,” he added.



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