WATCH: CNN reporter Acosta commiserates with CNN reporter O’Sullivan on struggle to ‘TALK SOME SENSE INTO’ Trump voters

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Two “straight news” CNN “journalists” talking on air about how stupid and dumb Trump voters are and how impossible it is to “talk some sense” into “these people.”

Then after they did it on air they went Twitter and talked trash some more.

Look at the poll Donie O’Sullivan uses to argue that we’re all loony on the right. One of the “crazy” things listed, a supposed example of “conspiracy theory,” is not thinking Trump is responsible for the Capitol riots.

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That’s not a conspiracy theory, Donie-boy. It’s an OPINION. I find it hard to believe you’re not familiar with THAT concept. You work at CNN. It’s ALL opinion.

Watch this mess:

Acosta wanted to get more digs in on Twitter so his fellow elites could join in on patting one another’s backs for being so smart and savvy and rich.


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