WATCH: Enjeti Says The White House Is “Terrified” Harris Might Do “Terribly” Against Trump

Appearing on “Breaking Points” Saager Enjeti makes the case that the White House is “terrified” that Harris could not beat Trump.

“The media has tried to make her [Kamala Harris] happen over and over again,” Enjeti says. “Historic in her identity, focusing only on that because if you ever paid a modicum of attention to her, it’s obvious she is one of the least talented people at the top of American politics.”

“Hilariously enough, while the media is still carrying water for her, her boss Joe Biden and many of the people in the White House are beginning to realize just how big of a mistake that they made. The drama has consumed Washington over the holiday weekend, I’ll try and lay it out for you. It starts with that Politico story, it was titled quote “not a healthy environment.” Kamala Harris’s office is rife with dissent, now the story details how Harris’s staff is inept, bumbling, afraid of Harris’s chief of staff, Tina Flournoy, but that ultimately Harris fosters an environment which is insular where she does not want to get challenged or hear other facts,” he continued.

“It’s so bad, 22 of her former and current aides spoke to Politico of how bad of a boss she is and how terrible it is to work for her. Now it’s always amusing to see that happen, the proper thing would probably have been just to brush it off, but the White House went into full defense mode with White House advisor Cedric Richmond saying on CNN that the people leaking against her are trying to sabotage her. Now the reason the White House is so concerned about those stories is number 1 they know it’s true, Harris’s campaign was rife with missteps, she had no strategy, her staff were consistently leaking against her during her campaign, none of it is new. But number 2 is because they are terrified because per Axios, they now see how terribly she might do in an election matchup,” he added.

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