WATCH: Gymnasts Expose How Larry Nassar Molested Them And The FBI Covered It Up

Gymnast McKayla Maroney gave testimony before the US Senate this afternoon of how the FBI covered up the sexual molestation and abuse by Larry Nassar even after she came forward to the FBI and told them everything, in ‘extreme detail’. She recounts what she told the FBI and how they lied about what she told them:

Simone Biles added her testimony, saying they all suffered while the FBI refused to protect them:

FBI Director Wray, who’s been running the agency since 2017, can’t explain why the FBI did this:

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From the political attacks on Trump to the coverup of a sexual predator and pedophile, the FBI has really trashed their reputation. It looks to me like it all happened under Comey’s watch and continues to this day. Something big needs to happen within the FBI because this is just horrific. And it probably starts with firing Director Wray.

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