WATCH: Jim Jordan GRILLS Fauci on when Americans will get their liberty back

Rep. Jim Jordan just wanted to know one thing from Dr. Fauci, which is for him to explain specifically what would need to happen before Americans could get their constitutional rights back that have been taken away for so many during this pandemic. But Fauci had trouble answering the question:

The back and forth is really simple. Jordan wanted specifics on the COVID metrics from Fauci in order for these lockdowns to end, and Fauci wouldn’t deliver.

Jordan kept framing this, and properly so, as an issue of liberty and the Constitution, and Fauci took issue with claiming he doesn’t see it as a liberty issue, but a public health crisis.

Jordan was stunned that Fauci wouldn’t look at it from a liberty standpoint, and noted that the Constitution doesn’t get put on hold just because there’s a pandemic.

Fauci still refused to give specifics and when Jordan kept pressing, his colleagues started yelling at him about the clock.

Jordan picked back on this in his second round, which continues here beginning at 3:18:

Fauci finally said the case count would have to be significantly less than 10k per day.v


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