WATCH: Leo Blasts Cori Bush “She Doesn’t Represent Black People She Represents Criminals!”

Appearing on Fox News with Sean Hannity, Leo Terrell blasted progressive Democrat Cori Bush for spending tens of thousands on private security while pushing to defund the police.

“let me first of all say I agree, I don’t want any harm to incur to Congresswoman Bush, but how dare she,” Terrell said. “She talks about spending 70, $80,000 on her private security and what about the black people Chicago, L.A., Washington, D.C., they don’t have $1,100,000, they are just trying to put food on the table.

“She’s gaslighting black people,” he continued. “She needs to pick a side, either she helps the black people in her community or she goes with the criminal. It is insulting for her to sit there and say she’s doing the work, she is doing the work for no one! She is destroying black communities by taking over their only line of defense, police! Black people want police.”

“For her to go up there and talk about her ability to spend 70, 80, $100,000, who in her community has $100,000 to spend? It’s insulting! She doesn’t represent anybody, she doesn’t represent black people, she represents criminals!” he added.

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