WATCH: President Alzheimer Told He Has Something On His Chin And HE EATS IT!

While doing a livestream, President Alzheimer’s staffer hands him a card telling him he’s got some smut on his chin and – no lie – he puts it in his mouth and eats it:

I really hope it was food!

Seriously though, how gross it that! You’d think he’d have pulled out a hankee and just wiped it off and put it back in his pocket. But no, he just put is right in his mouth LOL!

Also, why did someone not tell him he had smut on his chin before he sat down on camera? And would they have told him if they thought he was gonna eat it? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!

Speaking of President Alzheimer, here’s a clip of him ‘malfunctioning’ when asked about wildfires:

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