WATCH: Vernon Jones Rips CNN Reporter, Says “CNN’s About Controlling Negroes, That’s What It Stands For, Controlling Negroes”

Viral moment captured on video, Vernon Jones, who is running for Georgia Governor as a Republican ripped a CNN reporter.

Jones said “CNN’s about controlling negroes, that’s what it stands for, controlling negroes.”

Dinesh D’Souza tweeted “This is the kind of fight we need.”

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CJ Pearson tweeted:

This week on the @RepVernonJones campaign:

1. He absolutely bodied a CNN reporter.
2. He was endorsed by @RudyGiuliani!
3. He won the Forsyth County Straw Poll for Governor tonight!

Couldn’t be more excited to be leading this campaign and the days ahead. Get involved! #gapol


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