WATCH: Watters And Gutfield Mock CNN’s Past Embrace Of Avenatti Now That He’s Going To Prison

During a segment discussing Michael Avenatti being sentenced, host Greg Gutfield questioned how CNN would cover him going to prison given their past embrace of Avenatti as a frequent guest.

“He got 30 months. That’s one month for every hair on his head. I’m curious. Will Brian Stelter or Jeff Zucker visit him in jail?” Gutfield asked.

Jesse Watters then chimed in, joking “conjugal visit!”

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One Twitter user wrote sarcastically “Please pray for Ana Navarro, Don Lemõn, and Brian Stelter. Today their hero, Michael Avenatti, was sentenced to 2.5 years in jail. Thoughts and prayers!”

This is how CNN covered Avenatti in 2008:

Remember this?


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