White House Cuts Media Access Short After Biden Is Tricked Into Saying “Let’s Go Brandon” On Air

During a Christmas eve PR disaster, President Biden got trolled into saying “Let’s Go Brandon” Live on air.

“Merry Christmas, and let’s go, Brandon!” a father named “Jared” said.

“Let’s go, Brandon, I agree,” Biden replied.

Jack Posobiec obtained video footage of the father who tricked Biden into saying the anti-Biden phrase.

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According to Breitbart after the embarrassing incident “the media was asked to leave before they could witness the troops speaking to the president, cutting coverage of the call short.”

The report explains “The decision to cut the content of the call short ensured that the public could not hear what members of the military were saying to Biden during the call. Typically the event goes for nearly a half-hour as the president and the troops exchange Christmas greetings. Former President Donald Trump allowed cameras in the room for over 30 minutes as he spoke with the troops. The Bidens spoke for only about five minutes before the press was asked to leave.”

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