White House Press Corps Gets Fed Up With Biden – Reporter Brian Karem Pleads With Joe To Take More Questions

How bad of a job is Biden doing? Well, let’s just say that even the liberal media is getting sick of him. Back when Donald Trump was POTUS, the media loved to skewer him, taking even short statements out of context to push their liberal agenda. But even at their worst, they could count on one thing: President Trump would take their questions.

Despite being a liberal himself, Joe Biden apparently doesn’t trust the MSM. He has notoriously walked out on them, as reporters shout questions. Even his handlers distract or try to drown out journalists, a radical departure from what Trump (or any president) has ever done.

It’s gotten so bad, one infamous reporter had to beg Biden to take questions.

From Fox News:

White House reporter Brian Karem, who became known during the Trump administration for his aggressive style when asking questions, asked to have the same opportunity with Biden…

“I’m sure there have been dozens who would humbly request that the president of the United States… to appear before the full press…” Karem told White House deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

Jean-Pierre interjected and claimed Biden “takes questions all the time,” adding that it is a “large press corps.”

Brian Karem, who was known for his shouting matches with Trump, had to practically get on his hands and knees and “humbly” ask that Biden would bother to show up and speak with the press.

The best the deputy press secretary could do was say Biden “takes questions all the time.” From whom, the voices in his head? His dogs (that keep biting people)? Because Biden hasn’t taken the time to answer the press’s questions in over three months.

And the last time he did conduct a “press conference,” we discovered it was all staged. Biden had a pre-selected group of reporters to call on—and in what order. Most people guessed that their questions were submitted ahead of time and Biden was coached on what to say.

Karem might not want to admit it (he might soon), but we all know why this is going on. The White House cannot trust Biden to speak openly with the press (or the American public). It is far too risky to let Joe speak on his own, being forced to answer questions on the fly.

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Now, why is that the case? Could it be that Joe has frequently shown signs of mental decline and no longer possesses the ability to answer questions properly? Or is it simply the fact that, if he did answer questions, his natural hate for the media would come through.

We’ve all seen him lash out at the press, time and time again.

But the bottom line is, he is a far cry from what we saw from Trump. President Trump, even when faced with an enemy press, had no fear to speak with them. Biden, even with a press that props him up, refuses.

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