White House Refuses To Follow Federal Court Order – Biden Orders Businesses To Ignore The Law And Obey Joe’s Mandate

The debate regarding forced vaccine mandates in the United States rages on. Despite government orders for businesses to implement a mandate, many employers and employees are resisting.

And it seems the Biden administration won’t be easily stopped. They haven’t wavered in their insistence on mandates, and continue to support the idea of government-regulated guidelines.

Now, they’ve even ignored a court order to stop.

One of the most controversial orders in Biden’s first year involved the pandemic and vaccines: it ruled that all businesses with over 100 employees must enforce a mandate.

Lawsuits quickly cascaded down after this, as many called this a serious government overreach. Others also said it was blatantly unconstitutional and stripped citizens of their individual rights.

And recently, one of the nation’s highest courts supported this resistance.

On Saturday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit halted Biden’s testing requirements for private businesses. This meant the mandate couldn’t be enforced while the case was considered.

However, Biden’s White House simply decided to override the order.

Said White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre during a briefing:

People should not wait. They should continue to move forward and make sure they’re getting their workplace vaccinated.

The court was clear in their decision:

They paused Biden’s orders because “the petitions give cause to believe there are grave statutory and constitutional issues with the Mandate.”

This was after several Republican Attorneys General in multiple states asked for the pause. They argued that the requirements exceed the authority of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

As such, the mandate qualifies as an “unconstitutional delegation of power.

After the court rendered its decision, the Biden administration immediately asked them to lift the pause. They claimed the halt “would likely cost dozens or even hundreds of lives per day.”

The deadline for staffs with over 100 employees is coming up fast.

They must all be fully vaccinated by January 4, 2022. If an employee remains unvaccinated, they have to get a negative COVID-19 test every week if they want to go to work.

But the Republican AGs in 26 states have been pushing back against these draconian rules for months, and that includes taking the case to five different U.S. appeals courts.

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The situation just keeps getting more and more difficult, especially considering the severe supply chain issues America is experiencing.

If more people refuse to work for larger companies because of these mandates, those companies will suffer a downturn in production. And that will only worsen the economy’s problems.

And as far as many are concerned, we don’t have time to fight this in court: the country needs to start working again at full capacity, and as soon as possible.

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