Winsome Sears Just Gave Biden A Direct Order – The GOP Firebrand Tells Joe To Use His Power To Fix American Energy

It’s no secret that Biden’s policies have triggered many of the problems facing the country today. His “stimulus” plan from last year triggered runaway inflation. His mishandling of the supply chain has led to rising costs and delays. And his open border has contributed to rising crime and a lack of jobs for Americans.

But perhaps his worst decision is hurting all Americans. The Lieutenant Governor of Virginia knows what is going on. Winsome Sears can see how Biden’s energy policy has led to disaster. And she’s calling out Biden over his biggest mistake, demanding he make a change.

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From Fox News:

Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears called out President Biden over his energy policy on “Fox & Friends,” urging him to take control of “what he has command of” in terms of American energy production…

“We were free from depending on outside countries for our energy, and as soon as he came into office, his first day, he killed the Keystone Pipeline, killed all those jobs, and all the other jobs with it, so we can be energy independent. And it depends on this president. Instead, he’s telling other countries like Saudi Arabia to release more oil, more barrels. Really? Why don’t you take care of what you have command of Mr. President, here?”

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Lt. Gov. Sears slammed Biden for his energy policies that ended American energy independence and put more money into Russia’s hands. Early on in 2021, Biden pushed policies that favored the radical left—but shut down our energy production. A host of orders prevented American energy companies from producing more oil and gas. The result has been skyrocketing prices for every American.

This has forced Americans to buy energy from foreign providers, like Saudi Arabia, China, or Russia. American dollars have flowed out of the country and into other nations’ pockets, including groups who are our economic rivals. It didn’t have to be this way. Biden claims he did this to protect the environment.

He does know that the environment is over there in Saudi Arabia too, right? If other countries ramp up production, it is doing the same thing to the planet, than if we did? In fact, they might do more harm to the planet, since the United States tends to have stricter environmental protections than a country like China.

Yet Biden gave countries like Russia an upper hand—but got nothing out of it. He wasn’t “protecting” the environment, just kowtowing to the radical left. And in the process, he hampered America’s economy while giving Putin a boost.

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