Women Veterans Stand Up To President Biden – After Joe’s Many Failures They’re Running For Political Office

Last week’s elections proved what many people were predicting for months. Joe Biden’s endless failures are backfiring on his party. Americans are getting fed up with his empty promises and broken leadership. Even in blue regions, voters struck back, electing Republicans to top offices.

But that hasn’t been the only fallout of Biden’s botched, crisis-ridden administration. Many people are starting to stand up and fight for their country. That includes two female veterans, who have decided to run for office for the first time.

From YouTube:

North Carolina U.S. Senate candidate Marjorie Eastman and Virginia congressional candidate Jen Kiggans joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss why they are running for office.

Two former servicewomen have decided to run for office after watching Joe Biden’s failed leadership. As veterans, they could not stand by as Biden’s policies led to disaster all over the world. One episode in particular that seemed to strike a fuse was Biden’s failed Afghanistan withdrawal.

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Eastman and Kiggans blasted Biden’s many failures. Americans have watched as Biden’s “leadership” has led to one problem after another. Even as his decisions produce terrible outcomes, he refuses to reverse anything or change direction. This, perhaps, is the biggest reason Americans are fighting back.

Biden and his Democrats are determined to push an agenda that just doesn’t seem to work. Congress ignores Biden’s failures on the border, the economy, the supply chain, inflation, and energy. They sit back and bicker over a spending bill that will cause even more problems.

Is it any wonder that these veterans are jumping into the fight? They have vowed to take back our country from corrupt forces that want to drain us dry. And as former service members, they certainly know a thing or two about getting down and dirty in a fight.

Now, we just need several hundred more people like them, to replace the rest of Congress.

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