Youngest Republican Cawthorn Launches New “Contract With America” – Sounds Just Like Wave Election Of 1994

Way back in 1994, Republicans scored a major victory at the polls. They won back the House, a major setback for then-President Clinton’s agenda. Much of the success of that election has been credited to Newt Gingrich, who became the Speaker of the House.

Newt united with House Republicans to build a platform that would win over voters. He called it a “Contract with America” that promised to restore conservative values to the country. Now, a young and up-and-coming Republican hopes to rekindle some of that fire. And he’s drafted his own contract.

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From Fox News:

Rep. Madison Cawthorn, R-N.C., unveiled a new Republican Party platform designed after former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s “Contract with America” that he hopes conservatives around the country will pledge to enact should the GOP retake Congress in the midterm elections…

“I think this is a definitive roadmap … for my generation to reclaim our country,” Cawthorn told Fox News Digital in an exclusive interview.  “… I believe that this is the plan the American people can really coalesce around because this is one that puts people first.”

Republican congressman Madison Cawthorn revealed his “New Contract with America” that he hopes will help Republicans retake Congress in 2022. His contract was unveiled online, along with a video promoting it. This contract promises to slash federal funds, replace income tax, abolish the Department of Education, and make a firm stance on the beginning of life.

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What makes this contract different from Newt’s is that Cawthorn released it on his own. Instead of going to every GOP member of Congress—he is banking on the American people to support it first. If he gets enough Americans to signal support for his platform, it will gain momentum. That will certainly inspire Republicans to rally behind this contact, in the hopes of sealing the 2022 midterms.

Thanks to social media, Cawthorn has a lot of advantages. Candidates can see in real-time just how popular his contract is among voters. Those on the fence might be won over if they see Americans championing this platform.

Republicans are in a strong position, moving into the midterms. Democrats botched 2021, along with Biden’s failed presidency. Polls indicate Republicans are in a position to flip Congress. But a contract like this might ensure more voters come out to support the GOP.

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